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It's a disease in which the size of the kidney goes on increasing due to the formation of multiple cysts in the kidneys. These Cysts go on displacing the nephrons and as a result the functional part of the kidneys go on decreasing. With the passage of time the patient develops Renal failure. The disease is genetic in nature.


Ayurvedic treatment is the treatment of choice as there is no satisfactory treatment for this disease in allopathy
There are various herbal combinations like:
  • Kachner Guggulu
  • Varunaadi kashayam
Etc. which are specially indicated in cystic diseases. These medications in combination with other medications Prescribed by a qualified ayurvedic physician can help in the prevention of CRF in case of the patient who is in Beginning phase of the development of Multiple cysts. At the same time these medications along with the medications prescribed in the patients of Renal Failure Can be used in combination for the patients who have proceeded to Renal Failure due to polycystic kidney.


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