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Albuminuria is a pathological condition wherein albumin is present in the urine. It is a type of proteinuria.


Heavy whitish foam in urine.


The amount of protein being lost in the urine can be quantified by collecting the urine for 24 hours, measuring a sample of the pooled urine, and extrapolating to the volume collected.


The kidneys normally do not filter large molecules into the urine, so albuminuria can be an indicator of damage to the kidneys. It can also occur in patients with long-standing diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes.
Causes of albuminuria can be discriminated between by the amount of protein excreted.
  • The nephrotic syndrome usually results in the excretion of about 3.0 to 3.5 grams per 24 hours
  • Nephritic syndrome results in far less albuminuria.
  • Microalbuminuria (between 30 and 300 mg/24h,[1] mg/l of urine[2] or µg/mg of creatinine[3]) can be a forerunner of diabetic nephropathy.


Ayurvedi treatment proves to be very effective in the patients of albuminuria and patient starts to improve right from the very first week. The medication and mode of treatment is almost similar as has been mentioned in the treatment of Nephrotic syndrome.


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